What is Responsible Health Initiative?

The Responsible Health Initiative (RHI) was founded in 2018 by leading health technology and pharma companies in an effort to accelerate sustainability in their collective value chains, while creating benefits for their trading partners.

At the RHI, we have adopted a proven model of industry collaboration. It leverages sharing of best practices and processes, drives a common understanding across the industry, and uses common tools to create efficiencies that improve sustainability performance across its members’ collective supply chains.


We envision a transparent health technology and pharma sector where buyers and suppliers work to become more sustainable and responsible, and we all benefit from collaboration and best practices.


Our mission is to leverage the power of collaboration and technology to drive transparency, continuous improvement and to create  sustainability impact within the global pharmaceutical and health supply chain.

RHI members and their respective third parties benefit from:

  • Harmonized industry standards for online sustainability assessments, with reliable indicators and global benchmarks
  • A common platform to ease sharing of sustainability performance between trading partners and RHI members
  • Reporting and monitoring tools to access industry wide benchmarks and data
  • Working groups to share best practices and challenges, bringing experts to address focus areas and to collectively engage third parties on specific topics

RHI Members are empowered to access untapped sustainability potential across the industry supply chain, identify high-performing suppliers and best practices, reduce operational disruptions, mitigate risk, and drive value with suppliers.

Member companies